Why Orlando?

Orlando, Florida
The Orlando market has recently bottomed out and Sundog Real Estate is moving on this “once in a lifetime” opportunity. Understanding how short the window is, our goal is to share the opportunity with as many investors as possible.

Here are a few reasons to in invest in Orlando

Tourism—Bringing money into the city

“About 8,000 leisure-and-hospitality new jobs are expected this year as theme-park attendance continues to recover.” Mary Shanklin, Orlando Sentinel Feb 6, 2011.

Diversified Economy

Important industry sectors: High technology, aviation and aerospace, film and television production, biotechnology, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

Higher Education—Including the University of Central Florida (UCF)

With more than 56,000 students, including more than 1,250 being of international origin, UCF is the second largest University in the nation. Even more important, are the School’s growing reputation as a top metropolitan research University, and it’s focus on meeting the needs of the local business community.

Recovery—Heavy investment by private Investors

“The Orlando market is one of the few nationwide that already is seeing some signals of a recovery” John Burns, Real Estate Consulting Inc, Feb 4, 2011.

Baby Boomer Interest—The Ideal Retirement

With a new baby boomer turning 60 every 8 seconds, projections have shown that over 10,000,000 are planning to head down to the south Atlantic region with intents to downsize to a Condo or Bungalow. Population increases equal price increases for real estate.

Pool of Renters Increasing

With the current state of the economy, more and more homeowners cannot get access to credit to buy properties. This has increased the number of people who will need to rent. This means lower vacancy rates.

Current Prices

Since Sundog Real Estate is buying mostly distressed properties from sources dealing directly with this type of real estate, you will have access to properties at prices unseen since 1990.

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