U.S. real estate prices rise: Should I still invest?

U.S. Real Estate

Canadian investors in U.S. real estate have flourished due to the bottom-level prices in the U.S. real estate market, whether it’s for a rental or vacation property. While the recession south of the border doesn’t do the Canadian economy many favours, there have been opportunities to gain some real return on investments. But as the U.S. real estate market starts showing signs of recovery, does this mean our investment opportunities are running out?

U.S. real estate prices are on the rise

The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller HPI has indicated that U.S real estate prices rose in nearly every major U.S. city in April. However industry experts still believe that Canadians will have plenty opportunities to invest. Demand hasn’t decreased as a result of the uptick in home prices, especially in the sunbelt areas.

There are still opportunities in U.S. real estate for Canadians

“It’s true that the days of the lowball offer are over, but there are still fantastic opportunities to be had,” says investment expert, Diane Olson. “We do have to spend more time educating clients now.”

Another source says that rental homes owned by Canadians are popular among renters, because they are less likely to be foreclosed on since most of those transactions don’t involve mortgages.

Like Ms. Olson has stated, educating yourself on investing in U.S. real estate is tricky and complicated. We offer different solutions that will help you succeed, but one of the most important steps is to build up your power team.

Developing your U.S. real estate investment team

One of the key people on your team will be your property manager. Depending on how many properties you are interested in acquiring, you will need someone to handle specifics so you don’t have to fly across the continent every month for collections and maintenance. Property managers handle vacancies, rent collections, basic maintenance issues, accounting and retention of tenants. A good source for smaller scale investors is rentmanager.com, which handles many (but not all) of these issues.

Also, find a good lawyer. Most likely, you will need help with signing contracts and dealing with tax issues involved in U.S. real estate. For more advice, sign up for our free mailing list.

Start investing today!

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