Top 3 Reasons to Invest in U.S. Real Estate Right Now

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in U.S. Real Estate Right Now
Don’t work hard, work smarter. We’ve all heard the saying, but translating idioms into practice tend to involve more than the initial intuitive understanding.

The surest way to generate passive streams of income to grow wealth is always changing, just like the market. There is no one answer – if you want your money to work for you, it’s a matter of opportune timing, perseverance and patience. Opportune timing is all about tapping into the market today and finding the exceptional deal.

There are always traditional routes to turtle your way to financial independence. You might be grey-haired and dusty by the time your mortgage is paid and you have some savings but at least you got there (still an achievement in our day and age). Tradition has its place in financial matters because we all like security when it comes to our hard earned cash. The question is: how do you define security?

Real Estate vs. Stocks

Real estate is just that – it is a real asset. From a finance perspective, even currency is at the mercy of the market to some degree. Interest on money in a bank account is good today, but the actual value of your end plan might fluctuate. Stocks, well, there is no control over your stock value. It’s nice to own a few stocks and if you are able to play the stock market to get a small profit percentage return, you’re doing well. It’s a great portfolio diversification but not really the best way to generate steady, consistent returns. If you’ve had success in stocks lately, big congrats to you, because you must have a hell of an eye for detail and patience for research to generate any smidgen of returns nowadays. But, you’d do a lot more for your money if you looked into the U.S. Real Estate market (don’t worry stock addicts; there are plenty of fund opportunities for you).

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in the U.S. Real Estate Market:

  1. Market research indicates a projected rise in U.S. real estate property values over the next five years (while current property is being low-balled due to foreclosures).
  2. Rental streams of income can tide you over until selling at a later date and earn you consistent monthly income if you do your due diligence.
  3. Rental units in the U.S. are in demand, creating healthy rental rates and projecting increases in your rental income.

The opportune timing on this one is now. The word is out and Canadian positioning is primed to build wealth. The cautionary note here is: remember to perform your due diligence and get the expert advice you need to take the guesswork out of the equation. We’ve been investing in U.S. real estate and I promise you, there is a method to the madness but the clock is ticking.

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