Making sure you’re covered the whole way

Sundog Real Estate will make sure you are guided throughout your entire purchase process. Our team of professionals are available to give advice on how to get you started and to understand how these deals are accessible to you.

With a local team in Winnipeg, you’ll always have a link to people who can help you. You also get the benefits of having our main team, on site where your purchases are made.

*For your acquisitions, we do always encourage you to seek professional advice from your own lawyers and accountants.

Five Steps to Buying U.S. Real Estate as a Canadian

Step 1 – Find which property you want
Step 1 - Find which property you want You have many to choose from. All of them are presented as income generating properties. Since Sundog Real Estate takes care of the tenant placement on these properties, you have little to do once you purchase the property! If you simply want one of these properties for yourself, you can notify the team before the tenant placement segment is started and you will have a newly renovated property, available just for you.
Step 2 – Proof of funds
Step 2 - Proof of funds This is simply a bank statement that shows a balance above the required purchase price. We encourage you to blank out your account number and name from the statement to protect your privacy. This document can be e-mailed to our team at Once we receive your proof of funds, we will interpret this as your way of telling us that you are serious about making a purchase and we can start showing you the full researches on the properties of interest!
Step 3 – The Offer/Contract
Step 3 - The Offer/Contract After you know which property it is that you want to acquire, we will send you a copy of the sales contract. This document is the official real estate contract that protects both parties during the sale. The contract is prepared by real estate professionals. Once the contract is complete, we send it to the lawyer who gathers all necessary information and provides title insurance for that property.
Step 4 – $3000 USD Deposit
Step 4 - $3000 USD Deposit The deposit is left in the hands of the lawyer who handles the transaction. Sundog Real Estate does not get access to your money until we deliver you the property, free and clear. You get an additional five days to complete your Due Diligence. This deposit is fully refundable within that time period.
Step 5 – You Own U.S. Real Estate
Step 5 - You Own U.S. Real Estate On closing date, you fund the remaining balance for the property and all paperwork is sent to you. Your property will include title insurance. If you purchased a property with a tenant already in place, you will be sent the lease agreement. You can choose any property manager you like. The current property manager used by Sundog Real Estate is also available should you need it.
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