Arizona is About to Explode in Prices!

Arizona is about to explode in prices in the next two months! Inventory levels are low and prices are rising! If you were thinking of buying something in Arizona, you cannot wait any longer. Now is the time!

In a recent article, Melisa Camp from Homesmart had the following to say, “It’s inventory — the number of homes and condos for sale in the valley – are down. Right now there’s about 18,000 listings on MLS, whereas six months ago we were working on double, about 40,000. 18,000 homes are for sale right now – 24,000 is considered normal for the valley market. The number of homes for sale has decreased 40 percent since a year ago. For once, demand is outweighing supply.”

Still not convinced? Ask Bob Major, a retired builder from Vancouver, B.C. who reports that real estate is about 20 percent higher and the competition much stiffer since he the last time he visited his home in Chandler in 2010

If you’re interested in the Arizona market, contact us right away! We’ve got several deals in the works, but they won’t last long!

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