2012 Game Plan

So here’s our game plan for 2012.

Repeat 2011!


How about this from Business Insider today? “Despite a seasonal slowdown in overall foreclosure activity, and a process still bogged down and backed up by the “robo-signing” processing scandal, the U.S. real estate market is about to be hit by another surge of bank repossessions, according to a new report from the online foreclosure sale site RealtyTrac. As banks resubmit millions of documents and courts begin hearing cases again, the backlog of over four million delinquent loans will start surging through the pipeline again.”

HouseThe article goes on to say, “While overall inventories of homes for sale have been dropping somewhat steadily over the past year, these new distressed properties will put increasing downward pressure on home prices nationally. The hope is that there are enough investors at the ready to buy these properties quickly, as they seek to take advantage of a growing rental market.”

Let’s see now, another surge in foreclosures, another drop in home prices, rental market growing like crazy…looks like another great year for Canadians investing in U.S. real estate!

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